We had the wonderful opportunity to create the packaging and marketing materials for a local craft beer collaboration with Food Lion. This beer would be be sold exclusively in their stores for a limited time.  In addition, Food lion worked with the brewery to develop a taste profile for the season that would fly off the shelves.  This palatable beer offering was infused with fruit to make it a popular choice during the summer months.  The program was a great success as the sell-through numbers were above expectations due to great product positioning and bright eye-catching can artwork.


Sharkfight Beer Can Artwork

The label we created for this local craft beer collaboration with Food Lion needed to be colorful and vibrant.  We focused in on the visuals to sell the strong flavor and fruit notes.  As one of the first participants in this program, we wanted to ensure that the visibility would be high in the crowded beer sections. Secondly, we wanted to pair it with some signage that would direct the consumer to pick up a can and examine it for consumption consideration.


Local Craft Beer Collaboration Marketing


The successful marketing campaign was facilitated by a compelling label design.  The vibrant pops of greens and silvers to create a distinct look for the brewery’s brand. Taking a multi-channel approach, the design was utilized across in-store display units and social media platforms. This was able to increase visibility and engagement with targeted audiences. The product was strategically placed alongside the in-store signage, further driving awareness and interest in the brand. Thanks to a collaborative effort and a focus on visual appeal, the campaign achieved significant success with a 90%+ sell-through rate.


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Shark Fight Beer Label Collaboration