In election season, several non-partisan candidates reached out to Edgeview Creative to help improve their electability with professional branding. Professional local campaign branding allows the candidate to benefit from a strategic blend of modern aesthetics and effective messaging, enabling them to create a distinctive and memorable brand identity that leaves a lasting imprint on voters’ minds. Edgeview Creative design agency has emerged as one of the local favorites for political branding in the non-partisan local elections.


Local Campaign Branding and Social Media

Leveraging social media platforms allows candidates to establish an authentic connection with their constituents and build a strong community-driven brand. Edgeview Creative partnered with the candidates to help in engaging storytelling and highlighting grassroots initiatives. A local politician can leverage the power of social media to with their local campaign branding to showcase their values, and convey their commitment to the community they seek to serve. candidates can foster direct and meaningful engagement with local voters, addressing their concerns and sharing their vision for the area. By tailoring the brand message to resonate with the unique identity and aspirations of the local population, social media becomes a powerful tool in not only promoting the candidate but also mobilizing support, amplifying local issues, and inspiring an active and passionate voter base. Our job here was to stay consistent with the developed branding to create the connection points between digital and physical design in the voter’s minds.

Alexa Whittington

We helped develop the tagline, logo, and social media assets and signage for Alexa Whittington.

Chris Deshazor

We helped develop the logo, website, social media assets and signage for Chris Deshazor

Local Campaign Branding and Websites

Chris Deshazor Website

Taking the local campaign branding a step further and delivering the message through a website is a wise decision for any candidate looking to spread the reach of their message.  We designed the simple website for Chris Deshazor who is running for Holly Springs town council.  This serves as a home base of operations to direct supporters to reach out for conversation or point them in the right direction for donations and support.

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We currently only provide branding for a local politician in non-partisan races for local campaign branding. Please contact us if you have any inquiries.

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