Gigablaster New England Style India Pale Ale Beer Label Design.  Hazy IPAs became all the rage in the craft beer boom. Aviator Brewing Company has always had a character centric art style with their beer label branding.  The challenge with this project was to take a computer generated beer name and design a concept around it.  Beer naming is one of the most competitive and frustrating parts of creating a new craft beer.

Beer Label Design

he beer label design for Gigablaster and Gigablaster Bonus Round was inspired by a lifetime of game and nerd culture, and embraces a retro vibe that was ahead of its time. It hit the market six months before a wider retro art movement took hold in the industry. Initially intended for a seasonal release, the beer’s popularity and exceptional quality led it to become a permanent fixture in the brewery’s core lineup. Highly rated on sites like Untappd and much-loved by customers, this hazy India Pale Ale is consistently one of the brewery’s top-selling beers.


Insert Coin

The beer label, as most Aviator beer label design, started with the character.  After the concept was approved, the main figure was quickly created.  This label took the flight theme to new extremes as the pilot of the retro shooter added a new dimension to the 80’s vibe. The label’s “front” featured an arcade cabinet styled backdrop and big bold branding.  There was some brief conversation about hiring a programmer for a companion phone app game that consumers could enjoy while drinking this New England Style India Pale Ale.


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