Devil’s Tramping Ground Tripel by Aviator Brewing Company is their flagship beer.  This award-winning craft beer was tasked with an artwork refresh in 2019.  The goal was to draw the attention of the consumer in an overcrowded craft beer market.  Brighter colors, eye-grabbing text and stunning visuals meshed together to create a fresh look heading into the next decade.  The new can artwork hit shelves in late 2020.

Devils Tramping Ground Refresh

The Devil’s Tramping Ground refresh project was vital to bringing the visuals of the core lineup to match those of the successful “series” lineups.  The newer format allowed for more prominent space for the title, larger and more striking character illustrations while significantly increasing the contrast.  We primarily managed the entire process from conception to production.  This included making a trip to the Ball Factory in Colorado during the design process to approve the proofs on the can.  The Belgian Tripel is sold locally and distributed worldwide.  The beer name is derived from a local North Carolina legend of a place in the woods near the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill “Triangle”.  Before vehicles drove the roads, there was a circle where the devil himself would rise from the depths of Hell.  The circle is a popular camping spot where stories of missing items and strange occurrences continue to be shared.


Aviator Brewing Company has been known for its unique beer styles and secondly, its artwork. The Labels feature colorful and dynamic characters much like the prince of darkness on Devil’s Tramping Ground.  This primarily helps to draw attention to the product in a crowded craft beer market.  Aviator Brewing Company is a Craft Beer Brewing Company started in Fuquay-Varina.  Once a declining small town, the brewery gave new life and was instrumental in the revitalization of the downtown district.

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Devil's Tramping Ground 12oz Can