Comic book coloring for Immortal comic book, created and written by Rob “Potsy” Potchak.  The Keenspot Entertainment’s Associate Editor needed the comic book cover colored for its re-release of Immortal #1.  The line work was already finished but the muted tones needed a freshening up from its decade-old color work.   Keenspot needed the coloring work done with a quick turnaround and we were ready to assist.   With the deadline approaching, we worked with Rob to find a good mix of color and contrast to allow the heroine to stand out front and center.


Comic Book Coloring

The idea here was to provide a more vibrant presentation to help revive the comic for a new run that would include future installments of the story.  Two variants of this comic book cover would be colored by Edgeview Creative for its release.  One of those prints would serve for mass distribution, and one would be offered as an exclusive cover for the San Diego ComicCon.  The exclusive SDCC cover was a limited edition small-print run that was sold only at the convention.  We did get our hands on one 9.7 graded copy!


Immortal follows the adventures of the warrior Elisa as she looks for the hammer of Thor and the trials and tribulations faced along the way.  Rob Potchak describes the comic as Highlander meets X-men.  While Rob Potchak serves as Keenspot’s associate editor, he is also a comic book creator.  His other works include Junior High Horrors, Dead Sonja and he has a few upcoming creative projects.


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Immortal #1 Cover Color